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(LTS Pro)

Agency Management System


This agent and agency management, marketing and tracking software system is designed to assist independent agents and agencies in tracking and running their agency more efficiently using best practices. The software is set up in an administration-mode. After the administrator signs in they go through the setup process by adding agents, carriers’ information, lead sources, and the drip campaign letters. They can also input group and individual commissions, create and upload custom letters, and set up all the group and individual client accounts for each agent.

The software is designed to allow queries by carrier, by lead source, by type of lead, by agent. The administrator can run reports that display closing ratios such as sales vs. dead-leads, sales vs. callbacks. You can run commission reports by month, quarter, previous year and current year to date, by client, carrier, lead resource, and by specific marketing campaigns to see how effective the advertising dollars the agency is spending. The administrator can drill all the way down to the client’s level to see if the agent is filling out the complete client information, and asking the client to buy other ancillary insurances. You can also compare agent vs. agent for production, sales, x-dates, etc for any time frame through the current month, quarter, previous year and current year to date.


Once the agent gets set up under the agency, they are assigned a username and password by admin. Once an agent signs-in they access their account through their own dashboard and can start entering their prospects and client data. We have preformatted some campaigns into the system with letters already pre-populated into your account. You can change any of the campaigns or use them the way we have them set up, it’s entirely up to you. You can easily open an existing campaign and replace a letter in the scheduled sequence or upload your own form letter and add it to your campaign and change the schedule date it goes out to fit your needs. This system was designed to give your clients that high tech, high touch, high feel effect, so it appears that you are working on the weekends.

The system has pre-written; Thank You Letters, AOR’s, and Automatic Renewal Letters with an attached Co-branded Blank Census that can be scheduled to be sent out on the date you set it up for prior to your client prospective renewal. The system let’s you sort by sales, callbacks, and X-dates. The X-dates can be set up with notes from the previous years quoting and renewal information to let you know the prior carrier, current in force agent and the decision makers interest from the notes you place in the file during the previous years quote, this will give you the best opportunity to convert the lead to a client.

The system also tracks life insurance policies and ancillary policies as well, so if the client or prospect has a 5-year level term policy you can X-date the life policy to help you timely call when the policy should be shopped. The system easily pays for itself from all of the conversions and X-dates alone. You should see a noticeable increase in referrals from the system. Not to mention the business intelligence you get from the reports you can run. Here they can also add their clients or prospects to any one of our preformatted drip campaigns. Agents, also have the ability to upload or customize their own letters and drip campaigns.

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